The purpose and characteristics of pneumatic control valve


A, use purpose and characteristics of pneumatic control valve Is a quarter-turn structure, it has to do with the valve positioner, proportional control can be realized; V valve core is the most suitable for all kinds of regulating occasions, with large rated flow coefficient, adjustable than large, good sealing effect, sensitive regulation performance, small size, can be installed in vertical lie. Apply to control gas, steam, liquid medium.

B, characteristics: a quarter-turn structure, by the v-shaped body, actuator, positioner, and other accessories; There is a best than the intrinsic flow feature of such as approximation; With double bearing structure, small starting torque, has excellent sensitivity and speed of induction; Strong ability of shear.

C, pneumatic piston actuators using compressed air as power source, through the movement of the piston driven 90 - degree rotating crank arm, to make the automatic opening and closing of the valve. Part of it is: the adjusting bolt, actuator housing, crank arm shaft, piston, connecting rod, cylinder block, cylinder, cardan shaft.

D, the working principle of pneumatic control valve, pneumatic control valve is composed of actuators and regulating mechanism. Is a thrust part of the regulating valve actuator, it according to the size of the control signal pressure to produce the corresponding thrust, promote regulating mechanism. The body is the adjustment of the pneumatic control valve components, it is directly contact with control agent, regulating the flow of the fluid.